How should we feel when we think we think about death?

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
Or how should we feel when we think that we, or a person we love, could disappear and not come back again?

You can bring fear or peace to this thought; the choice is yours. We would all want to bring peace, and to do that you have to experience through meditation and prayer the deep, still, quiet within yourself. Having found that, you will never be surprised by death. For to die is to return to this same silence, this pure awareness known as "the light." When people say after a near-death experience that they went into the light, they are reporting on a destination that is always with us. The light is your pure being.

Here is another image. Imagine that inside you is a space nothing can touch. Your body is like a house that gives shape to this space of peace and silence. When a house falls down, when its roof and walls collapse, no harm is done to the space inside. Only the boundaries have disappeared. In death we lose our bodily definition, but the space of inner peace, which some call the soul, is never harmed.

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