Do we all have a relationship with God?

Lisa Oz
Health Education

Regardless of how you envision God, I believe this is your most important relationship. According to Jung, man's fundamental desire is for union with the divine. This is what we were created for. It is the very purpose of life. Okay, some of you are thinking, "What are you talking about? I don't have a relationship with God." And maybe you don't, or maybe you just think you don't. For example, you have a friend who hates God. He's angry and contemptuous and spends most of his time railing against the stupidity of human sheep who delude themselves into believing in something that's simply a product of primitive man's fearful musing. This is cool, if his atheism is working for him. By "working" I mean, does it inspire him to be a better person? Does it give him a reason to grow each day? Does it help him to be kinder to other people? And, does it bring him joy? I'm not saying that it doesn't do all that. It may, and it's not my job to judge either way. My point in using him as an example is merely to ask this question: "If he really thinks God doesn't exist, why is he wasting so much energy fighting him? Why rant and spew and blog about nothing? We don't file for divorce from imaginary people. We don't carry an umbrella if it's not raining. The irony is that in a weird way this guy's whole life is devoted to God - an entity he is convinced is a hoax. Emotionally, mentally, and energetically, he's in a relationship with God. It happens to be a crappy relationship, but it's still a relationship.

Richard Walsh
Social Work
If you are asking this question it presupposes that you believe in a "God". If you do, then there is the opportunity for a relationship. With that in mind, how important is it that "we all" have a relationship with God? From my point of view, what is important is your relationship with God. As in all relationships, there are important factors to consider to make the relationship work. Are we communicating? Are we partners or just acquaintances? Is it all about me or is it a mutual give and take. Some of us view God as the "bellhop in the sky" to provide us with a new car, a job, or a myriad of personal desires. Some of us view God as our source of divine energy to serve others. Of the two I mentioned, I wonder who has the greater sense of happiness with their relationship with God? As with all relationships, they are dynamic. Continue to explore, learn, and grow as you develop your ongoing relationship with God. Use your inner wisdom to be your guide and your experiences as your validation. Have fun doing it!

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