Are hell and heaven real?

Lisa Oz
Health Education

Swedenborg says that these are not places but states. Heaven is made up of people who share a common love for God and their neighbors, while hell is home to those who prefer the world and themselves. Living in one or the other is neither a punishment nor a reward, but a reflection of who we are as an expression of what we love. He also explains that we are there right now.

According to Swedenborg, we exist on both the physical and spiritual planes simultaneously. Even now, when we indulge our evil inclinations, our spirits are in a hellish state, and are subject to hellish influence. When we act from compassion and truth, we open ourselves to heavenly influx. After death, we continue in the state we have chosen while on earth. We live on as either angels or evil spirits, based on where our affections lie. In effect, we become what we love.

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