Can eating candy pieces instead of candy bars help me lose weight?

Marjorie Nolan Cohn
Nutrition & Dietetics

No, candy is candy. Depending on how many candy pieces you eat the calories easily add up. If you need or want to lose weight, candy needs to be eliminated, or at the least, eaten infrequently. For some people who feel very deprived, eating small amount of the craved food can help them not want to eat a lot of it. For this person having a piece of a candy bar may be a good option, but for many dieters a piece of a candy bar leads to the whole candy bar. If you want to lose weight, try to eliminate the candy completely.

If you have to choose between breaking off a section of a candy bar or buying the “smaller pieces version,” offered by many snack companies, go for the snack option that comes in small pieces. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics researchers found that when people are served 20 halves of candy pieces or the full 20 pieces of candy, the half version satisfied them and allowed them to consume 50% less calories. 
So always choose candy pieces over the full-size version, even if you think you can exhibit portion control. A measured portion of piece-size candy will probably ensure that you eat less. Also consider halving those small individual pieces sold in individual sized packs, and making the snack last for 2 servings.

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