Your Quick Start Guide to Quitting Tobacco

Want to kick the habit? Get straight facts, smart tips and a step-by-step plan.

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Welcome to the Tobacco Cessation Guide! Whether you're considering kicking the habit or need to stop right now, it's all you need to quit smoking—for good.

Here, you'll learn:

  • What quitting really does for your health—and your life
  • How to identify and address what's been holding you back
  • Concrete strategies for identifying your triggers
  • Proven tips for easing your journey

You'll also find a complete plan for setting a Quit Day, leading you up to the big moment and through the weeks that follow.

Read on for more on how to begin your new, smoke-free life.

Medically reviewed in August 2019.

How To Be Tobacco-Free

2 / 8 How To Be Tobacco-Free

Congratulations! You’re taking your first steps toward living a tobacco-free life. If you’re ready to quit, this informative video can help you learn ways to kick the habit for good. Being prepared can help you enhance your confidence and strengthen the belief you can truly stop smoking.

This video covers many important parts of the quitting process, including:

  • The benefits of quitting tobacco
  • How to determine your motivation to quit tobacco
  • Ways to help you prepare to quit tobacco
  • Tools and resources to help you quit when you are ready

Watch How To Be Tobacco-Free

Learn What Quitting Does for You

3 / 8 Learn What Quitting Does for You

Smoking raises your risk for chronic disease and is linked to almost half a million US deaths each year—but that's not all. Find out how it also affects your mental health, your fertility and even your looks.

Read 7 Shocking Smoking Facts That Will Make You Want to Quit Today

Bust Through Your Roadblocks

4 / 8 Bust Through Your Roadblocks

Maybe you think you'll gain weight. Maybe you're nervous you'll lose part of your social life. Maybe you just don't believe you can do it.

Whatever your worries—you can quit smoking. And getting the facts straight can help you do it. Learn the truth about what might be holding you back.

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Pinpoint Your Smoking Triggers

5 / 8 Pinpoint Your Smoking Triggers

What causes you to light up? From smoking while driving to having a cigarette after meals, once you know what sets off your cravings, you can figure out what to do instead. Here's how to ID those urges and find healthy alternatives.

Read Common Smoking Triggers and How to Avoid Them

Try These if You're Not Ready Yet

6 / 8 Try These if You're Not Ready Yet

If you're not quite prepared to give up smoking, other lifestyle changes can boost your health and make it easier to quit once you are ready. Start with these smart tips for eating better and exercising—and take it from there.

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Learn What Can Help You Quit

7 / 8 Learn What Can Help You Quit

Kicking tobacco is a challenge, but there are aids to help you along. Whether it's patches, gum, prescription meds or something else, understanding your options can help, big-time. Discover what's out there, so you can take control.

Read What Will (and Won't) Help You Quit Smoking for Good

Follow This Plan to Kick the Habit

8 / 8 Follow This Plan to Kick the Habit

Ready to stop smoking? This easy-to-follow, step-by-step plan will prep you for Quit Day and guide you through the aftermath. You'll love your new, tobacco-free life.

Read How to Quit Smoking Once and for All

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