How can women treat their sleeping problems?

Lack of sleep may be worse for women than men. One Duke study found that women who are poor sleepers tended to be more overweight than men with sleep problems. With two-thirds of women admitting to sleep problems at least two nights per week, according to the National Sleep Foundation, that's a serious nationwide problem. If that sounds like you, you need to take action.

Despite our best efforts, we can find ourselves unable to get our full 7-8 hours of slumber. One simple solution is to allow yourself a 15- to 30-minute nap during the day. Research has found that naps can also help spark creativity and problem-solving, so it's not a bad idea overall. Just don't nap for more than an hour, or that could help contribute to nighttime restlessness.

You can try some herbal options, such as 5-HTP, tryptophan or melatonin, which some find beneficial. Check with your doctor before using supplements. Also, take stock of any prescription medications you take, since they can affect your sleep. Discuss the issue with your doctor.

And remember, your mom always had some good ideas. Counting sheep isn't as silly as it sounds, since repetitive mundane thoughts can help settle the mind. And that glass of warm milk can bring relief.

Experts agree that if you have trouble sleeping, don't toss and turn all night. Reduce stress by meditating or listening to soothing music. Remember, it's not a performance -- relax.

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