What happens when I wake up?

Several different body systems increase in order to have you awaken from sleep:
Your heart rate increases.
Your breathing becomes quicker and of greater volume.
Your circulation and blood flow increase.
Your brain produces different brainwaves.
Your eyes open and your body is more aware of external stimuli.
All of your organ systems (liver and kidney function, digestion, metabolism) increase back to “waking” values.
Your brain is flooded with hormones to decrease your arousal level so you are more likely to wake up and perceive stimuli.
Dr. Michael Roizen, MD
Internal Medicine
Complex changes occur in your body and mind as you awaken. Your melatonin levels have peaked, the stress hormone cortisol is on the rise, your body temperature has bottomed out, and your psyche is immersed in your dreams.

Increased levels of melatonin associated with deep sleep promote immune system activity, protect you from viruses, and have remarkable anticancer properties.
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