What are water laser treatments?

In dentistry, there are some lasers such as the Waterlase MD by Biolase, that use water which has been energized by interaction with a laser, to perform dental procedures such as cavity removal and soft tissue surgeries.

Because the laser-water combination has its own anesthetic effect, sometimes your dental procedures can be performed with little or no "Novocain" (local anesthesia, the numbing stuff). 

The laser-water combination also reduces the number of bacteria in the area where your dentist is working.

Lasers have been used in many other types of surgery because they allow for a quicker procedure and are less traumatic, so they are heals more quickly. The same is true for soft tissue surgeries in the mouth.

Dr. Doris Day, MD
The target of this laser is water. It is absorbed by the water in the skin which makes the skin evaporate off. As the water heats up, the skin around it also heats up and evaporates. This procedure was one of the first laser treatments done for rejuvenating the face and is regaining popularity as the parameters are refined. The down side of treatment with this laser is that the skin can look red for two to three months after the treatment and some areas can loose their pigment entirely which leaves the treated area looking white. For this reason, it is recommended only for people with lighter skin and even then measures are taken to avoid depigmentation of the treated areas. This treatment is usually not recommended for areas other than the face since early studies showed that scarring was a problem on other parts of the body such as the neck, back, arms and hands. Treatment can take an hour or more, anesthesia is used either by mouth or intravenously and the cost can vary from $1,000 and up depending on the area treated.

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