How do I treat my C-section scar?

Stuart A. Linder, MD
Plastic Surgery
Cesarean section scars are no different than short versions of abdominoplasty scars. In my practice, sutures remain in for 14 days. They are placed underneath the skin, referred to as subcuticular sutures, in order to reduce the scarring along the skin edge. Once those sutures are removed, our patients are instructed to use a silicon gel spray twice a day for 3 months. This has been quite effective in reducing hypertrophic, hyperpigmentation, and keloid formation of postsurgical patients in my practice. During the first 14 days after a cesarean section, Steri-Strips may be placed in order to help bring the edges of the epidermis and dermis together. The subcuticular and subdermal closures will reduce the majority of tension on the skin edges which greatly reduces thickening and wide-spread scarring.

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