When should I call my doctor about a skin rash?

Intermountain Healthcare
If you have a skin rash, call or go to the doctor or clinic for:
  • Rash, spots, blisters, or strange coloring in an infant 3 months or younger
  • Diaper rash that does not get better in 3 days, even though you've tried prevention tips (change diapers more often and wipe with plain water, not scented wipes; let your baby go without a diaper as much as possible; use diaper cream)
  • Diaper rash that goes beyond the diaper area
  • Rash with a fever
  • Rash that looks infected (painful, red, may be leaking fluid)
  • Rash with mouth sores
  • Rash that is painful and on one side of the body or face
  • Rash that is very uncomfortable or painful
  • Acne that is leaving scars
  • Any rash that isn't getting better

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