Is there a cure for phimosis?

Removing the foreskin through circumcision is the only certain cure for phimosis. However, there are less radical treatments that have been very successful at eliminating the condition. Careful, gradual stretching of the foreskin is the most basic treatment. However, it may take several weeks or months to fully loosen the skin. Stretching is often used in combination with a steroid ointment, such as betamethasone, that is applied to the foreskin two or three times a day. The steroid increases the natural growth of the skin, although it still might take up to three months to loosen completely. A surgical option that doesn't remove the foreskin is preputioplasty. It is a plastic surgery procedure that makes an incision in the foreskin to increase the opening. A more extreme version of preputioplasty that includes a larger incision is referred to as a dorsal slit procedure.

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