How do I care for someone with a burn?

Alexander M. Majidian, MD
Plastic Surgery
The main thing to do when treating someone with a burn is to cool the burn area down. In this video, Alexander Majidian, MD, FACS of the Grossman Burn Center at West Hills Hospital, explains the steps for treating a burn victim. 
Minor burns may not need much care after the initial cleaning, cooling, and dressing of the wound. If the burn gets worse or new symptoms appear, take them to a doctor. When caring for someone with a severe burn, you may need to change bandages regularly. If the burns require physical and occupational therapy, you may need to assist with that as well, or help them do supplemental stretching. Help them get a healthy diet so they can heal as fast as possible. Make sure they take any prescribed medications only as prescribed. One of the most important aspects to caring for someone with a serious burn is to be supportive. Depression can be common with severe burns, so become educated and provide support.

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