Unique Protein Source Snuffs Out Wrinkles

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Unique Protein Source Snuffs Out Wrinkles

Ahhh, soy. It's a love-it-or-hate-it kind of food. But maybe you would grow to adore tofu, tempeh, and edamame if you knew this: It could help you look younger.

Yep. Eating lean, nutritious soy foods may help smooth fine wrinkles and buoy your skin's snap-back qualities, according to recent research. Those are two big victories for face freshness.

It's All About Aglycone
Soy is packed with a special isoflavone called aglycone, and it appears to be the source of the youth-boosting magic. In a study of middle-aged women, those who took a daily 40 milligram supplement of aglycone noticed diminishment in the fine wrinkles (better known as crow's feet) around their eyes. The women also enjoyed a smoother complexion and a big jump in elasticity. 

Wrinkle Weapons
Aglycone is among several plant estrogens found in soy. Soy estrogens may help counter age- and menopause-related changes in skin by hindering collagen depletion and boosting the production of connective tissue cells in the skin. But soy is not without its drawbacks.

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