Is soul mates' love a journey or a destination?

Lisa Oz
Health Education

Soul-mates' love is both the destination and the journey. In this most simple yet significant act of erotic love, we approach the universal mystery. Here, we consciously move from our solitude into a merging with the other. This surrender of ego is, in its absolute form, union with God. Through conscious bonding with another, we reflect and manifest collective oneness.

There is an ancient Hermetic principle, "As above, so below." Swedenborg refers to it as, the "Law of correspondences." What it means is that everything on the material plane is a reflection of, and is connected to, something in the spiritual realm. This is true of rocks, lions, and water, and it is especially true of sex. The union of the male and female energies is not merely the origin of human life in the reproductive sense, but the very basis of life in the universe.

In Kabbalah, the erotic is represented by an image of Shechinah, the divine creative force. This holy sexual energy, while grounded in the physical act of intercourse, is fundamentally spiritual in nature, creating a transcendent joining of souls as well as bodies. Ultimately, as the fullest expression of connectedness, it becomes something holy. Sex itself is not truly erotic if it does not lead away from the ego. It is the urge to connect - to give and receive of the true self.

According to Swedenborg, sex is a mirroring of God's relationship with creation, and is a representation of the Divine itself. When the masculine and feminine energies come together in sex, they unite love with truth, which is the essence of God.

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