What treatments may help the hip and leg pain from scoliosis?

Treatment for hip and leg pain from scoliosis begins with exercise and injections. Surgery may be considered if the pain and scoliosis is severe.

Degenerative scoliosis can cause spinal stenosis, which compresses the nerves in the spinal canal and causes sciatica. This sciatica can then be interpreted as hip or leg pain since the nerve runs from the spinal column into the foot. A "cortisone shot" (epidural steroid injection = ESI) might help in up to 50% of patients to a degree and to an uncertain amount of time (from a few ours to months). there are many alternative treatment options (acupuncture, yoga, etc) but none has a scientific data that support them. Nevertheless one can try them. Usual treatment is physical therapy with medication, with or without an epidural steroid injection to follow and finally with surgery.

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