What information should be included in an adaptive diver's profile?

A meaningful adaptive diver’s profile should include the following basic information:
  • name and age
  • sizing information for scuba gear
  • relevant medical history, such as spinal cord injury T-4, for example
  • Needed Scuba Assistance (NSA) score
  • type of adaptive dive certification
  • names of adaptive dive team members
  • impairments affecting performance of scuba skills (mobility, sensory, thermal, hearing and visual)
  • needs for assistance with basic scuba skills
  • needs for assistance with key scuba skills (out-of-air emergencies, controlled descents/ascents and equalization) 
  • need for full-face mask equipment
  • need for adaptive equipment
  • special precautions that need to be observed, such as autonomic dysreflexia and pressure sores
  • other information that is relevant to provide reasonable assistance necessary to enhance safety and diving enjoyment 

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