What are the efforts made to stop violence against women?

Bonnie Lynn Wright, PhD
Geriatrics Nursing

The complete answer to this question would be the size of a book. Thank goodness!  Violence against women is such a pervasive problem in our society it needs many strategies and organizations working towards making a positive change. There are many local, regional, state/provincial and national organizations involved in social marketing strategies to raise awareness of the problem and where to go for help. Some cities have conducted campaigns by attaching posters to city buildings and vehicles. Some police departments, in collaboration with women's shelters and groups, have established policies whereby the police lay charges against the abuser rather than expecting the abused woman to that. Some organization have funded large research grants to increase our understanding of the problem and what actually works best to resolve it. Health Professionals are being taught in their programs how to identify and deal with victims of abuse. The difficulty with any of these strategies is demonstrating their effectiveness when so much violence against women is still invisible.

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