What should I expect during radiation therapy?

Susan McCloskey, MD
Radiation Oncology
Breast radiation therapy is delivered daily, Monday to Friday, typically over approximately 6.5 weeks, but may be as short as 1 week or 3 weeks depending on your particular breast cancer. Radiation delivery takes approximately 10-15 minutes each day and you will be given a treatment time each day that is convenient for you. When you come for your daily radiation treatment, with the assistance of an expert team of radiation therapists, you will be positioned in the same position that you were in for simulation with your arms above your head supported by a cradle. You do see around you. The radiation treatment delivery itself lasts only few minutes. Radiation therapy delivery is painless. You won’t be able to see or feel the radiation beam. You will also not feel sick during or immediately afterwards. You are not radioactive and you will not be a danger to anyone during or after your course of radiation therapy.

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