How can I cope with the reality of being overweight?

Lisa Oz
Health Education

Rather than despising or denying your current figure, learn to love it so you can leave it. Obsessing over something negative actually makes it more powerful in your psyche. Release your weight by accepting it with appreciation. When you have to go to some fancy event and your dress fits more like a girdle, look into your fifties mirror. This is a game you play in which you imagine you are living in the past along with other full-figured women. Putting yourself in a category with curvaceous beauties gives you extra confidence even when the weighing scale has been chastising you all week. It is not that you want to stay plump forever. You just make the most of it when you must. So if you are feeling a little rounder and softer than you would like, embrace your voluptuousness. Doing so will actually make you thinner, since you will not be eating to numb your depression over feeling fat.

One of the best ways to improve your health is to listen to your body, which is always sending you clues about its most basic needs. Pay attention to what it is telling you, especially when it comes to things like subtle food allergies, or situations that create chronic stress. Do not ignore its signals by dulling them with caffeine, alcohol, or sleeping pills. If you do not feel 100 percent, there is a reason for it, and that reason often boils down to one of several very common causes.

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