What is the Calypso tracking system for prostate cancer radiation therapy?

Calypso 4D Localization Tracking System is a very high-tech system that monitors the movement of the prostate gland during external beam radiation therapy. Small tracking devices, the size of a small seed, are implanted into your prostate by a urologist. These devices are actually "transponders" that can be tracked in real time while you're receiving radiation treatment for prostate cancer. Because the prostate can move in the pelvis, this system allows for highly accurate monitoring of the prostate, any small shifts and corrections in targeting, and treatment delivery.

Historically, radiation oncologists have required a margin of healthy tissue around the prostate gland to account for internal prostate movement due to intestinal, bladder and rectal movements. With the placement of these beacon transponders (the seeds) your prostate can be tracked and treated with tight margins, and the total radiation dose can be increased because of increased patient safety.

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