What are the possible side effects of Heather?

The most common side effect of "mini" (progestin only) birth control pills like Heather (norethindrone) is spotting between periods and irregular periods. You're more likely to spot if you forget to take one or more pills or if you take them more than three hours behind schedule. Other potential side effects include headaches, breast tenderness, nausea or dizziness. Let your doctor know if any of these become severe or if you stop getting your period.

Some women have reported weight gain, acne and extra facial and body hair while taking minipills like Heather, but these side effects are considered rare.

In rare cases, minipills have been linked to ectopic pregnancy, in which an embryo implants outside the womb, such as in the tubes that connect the ovaries and uterus. Seek immediate medical attention if you experience the main symptom of ectopic pregnancy: sudden or severe pain in your lower abdomen or stomach area.

Minipills are more likely than most other birth control methods to cause ovarian cysts (small fluid-filled sacs in the ovary). These cysts usually disappear on their own and rarely require treatment.

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