Why should I get a handicapped parking placard or permit?

Vincent Burke
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Be sure you REALLY need one!

The question one needs to really ask is "Do you REALLY need a disability pass to park"? Today, due to the increase in population and the growth of "places to go" there is a parking shortage. All who plan to get a permit need to think of others whom maybe worse off. One should think if they have a permanent (chronic) handicap such as MS or Quadriplegic verses a post-surgical situation such as a total knee replacement before applying for one. You should consider that over time your health may change for the better and it is only good citizenship to either not use it or close the handicap permit. Over the years in the medical field I have seen both true disabilities and false advertisement of disability. If you happen to have one that warrants a "walking break" just be considerate when using it. If you do have one and happen to be having a good day don't use it, give another person a break. It maybe a love one that needs the break!

Handicapped placards are intended to make driving and parking easier for persons with disabilities. And the disability does not have to be permanent.

It’s not just the physical benefit of being able to park closer to a building or a store. It may also provide some much-appreciated peace of mind that you won’t have to struggle or risk injury just by trying to get somewhere. For example, walking any distance on crutches can be difficult, particularly when carrying gear for work (laptop, briefcase, etc) or a pocketbook, etc.

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