How does thought relate to my soul's awareness?

William Stillman
Health Education Specialist

As our higher-self counterpart, our soul is shaped and enhanced by all that we do and say. The more we aspire to achieve all that is right and true and good and kind, the more our soul becomes enlightened.

If this is plausible, then it stands to reason that your soul is both positively and negatively influenced by your thoughts. You may have observed this yourself; do you know someone who is usually optimistic and sunny and who “lights up a room” when they enter it? This person’s inner soul is reflecting their attitude and thought processes. Conversely, we’ve all known individuals who are destructive in their thoughts and deeds, or from whom we get immediate “bad vibes.”   

Your soul's awareness is limited only to what you expose it to in terms of positive or negative thoughts.

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine Specialist

Being the source of everything, spirit takes responsibility fororganizing all situations and circumstances. This order runs muchdeeper than anything the intellect can devise. The cells in yourbody, for example, perform billions of precisely calibratedoperations per second.

Outer reality, which includes the events of your day, is organizedfrom the same source. When you enter any situation, your actionscan be in line with this deeper orderliness, or you can act fromego, imposing your own assumptions about what should happen. Thesoul also wants results, but it has wide vision; instead ofthinking through a situation one step at a time, the soul arrangesthe entire package of cause and effect at the same time. Bycontrast, the thinking mind tries to manipulate results to suitwhat seems best for "I, me, mine."

Ask for guidance that goes beyond thinking. Healing is possiblefrom every direction and in many circumstances. Today you areaffirming your faith in a wider vision.

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