Where do negative emotions get there power?

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
Negative emotions feed off certain aspects of the shadow -- a hidden place where we all repress things we feel guilty about or ashamed of.

The shadow is dark. Everyone has a shadow because of the natural contrast between darkness and the light.

The shadow is secret. We store impulses and feelings there that we wish to keep private.

The shadow is dangerous. Repressed feelings have the power to convince us that they can kill us or make us go insane.

The shadow is shrouded in myth. For generations, people have seenit as the lair of dragons and monsters.

The shadow is irrational. Its impulses fight against reason; theyare explosive and totally willful.

The shadow is primitive. It's beneath the dignity of a civilized person to explore this domain, which reeks of the smell of the charnel house, the prison, the lunatic asylum, and a public lavatory.

Negativity assumes its overwhelming power from the fact that it feeds off all these qualities at once: A secret, dark, primitive, irrational, dangerous, mythical evil is much less convincing if you break it down into one quality at a time. But this process of bringing evil down to scale won't be convincing until you apply it to yourself.
James Smith
James Smith on behalf of MDLIVE

Negative emotions get their power from from us.  When we "feed" the self-deception in us with our attention, awareness, and belief, we are giving life and power to false ideas about ourselves.  We can "feel" the loss of energy to this "black hole" at our center, which in turn becomes even more powerful.  These feelings include hatred, anger, jealousy, and resentment.  If these feelings aren't processed properly, they may explode through behaviors that even surprise us. 

The self-deception in us brings us the idea that we are "not worty" and "not responsible."  When we build a world around these ideas, negativity becomes the driving force propelling that world forward.  It is a world of our own creation, but it isn't the authentic us.

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