What are people with Enneagram type five personalities like?

Lisa Oz
Health Education

Fives live in their heads and would prefer if you didn't bother them there, thank you very much. For the most part, Fives are curious, open-minded, and intellectual. They're not all smart, but they all like to think about things-much more than they like to do anything. Fives feel most at home in the world of ideas and abstractions.

They love to watch. They observe what's going on around them, taking in every detail but often failing to engage themselves. A bit aloof, rather cool and reserved, Fives prefer to remain detached in most situations. Privacy is paramount. Fives don't like feeling encroached upon emotionally or physically. Even moderate proximity can be perceived as intrusive. They don't like too much attention on themselves and have a hard time expressing their feelings.

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