What are people with Enneagram type eight personalities like?

Lisa Oz
Health Education

Eights are all about power. Strong, self-confident, and resourceful, they embody the archetypal warrior. And yes, they love a good fight. They even love a bad fight if it gives them a chance to assert their might and prove their heroism. Eights are great defenders of the oppressed. While they shun the notion of weakness in themselves, they're ardent champions of anyone they perceive as helpless. They're fervently dedicated to justice and seek to eradicate exploitation and degradation when they see it. Undeterred by obstacles, Eights are the ones to call when you want to start a revolution.

Eights' self-confident and decisive nature makes them natural leaders. They're assertive, resourceful, and magnanimous. When they do something, they do it with passion, taking the initiative and taking charge. They're big-hearted and protective and will stand up for what they believe in. As long as they are in control, they will champion just about any cause.

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