What is the key to true transformation?

William Stillman
Health Education Specialist

In my opinion and in my experience, the key to true transformation is when you’ve arrived at a point in your life in which you are willing and prepared for a self-examination that will illuminate every corner of your personhood with the truth. This will require you to confront, reconcile and absolve yourself of your way of being in the world and your mode of conduct in honoring the space that you occupy. Assess carefully and with clarity your past bad acts as well as that which you have contributed of value. Focus on a deliberate advancement in which you will demonstrate grace, charity, and humility in all you do and say, in every interaction; because everything matters. As a byproduct of your true transformation, you may inspire a ripple effect in others by rendering good and great service. Time is of the essence—never underestimate your potential to forever alter the course of someone’s life as a result of your new understanding and compassion.

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine Specialist

The key to true transformation is that nature doesn't move forward in step-by-step movements. It takes quantum leaps all the time, and when it does, old ingredients aren't simply recombined. Something new appears in creation for the first time, an emergent property. For example, if you examine hydrogen and oxygen, they are light, gaseous, invisible, and dry. It took a transformation for those two elements to combine and create water, and when that happened, an entirely new set of possibilities emerged with it, the most important from our point of view being life itself.

The wetness of water is a perfect example of an emergent property. In a universe without water, wetness can't be derived by shuffling around properties that already exist. Shuffling only produces change; it isn't sufficient for transformation. Wetness had to emerge as something completely new in creation. Once you look closely enough, it turns out that every chemical bond produces an emergent property. (I gave the example in passing of sodium and chlorine—two poisons that when combined produce salt, another basic element of life.)

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