How does trust relate to fear?

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
There is another crucial element to releasing fear. I have observed that we are all willing to release our most intimate and hidden fears when we feel trust. Trust means that you are offered the promise of safety and can accept it. Both parts are necessary -- there has to be the offer of emotional openness and also the ability to accept that a safe haven is truly present. The question is, where can any of us turn for trust?
Richard Walsh
Social Work
It has been said that love is the absence of fear. Trusting that we are loved will have a direct positive impact on our fears. Each of us has our own ways of experiencing love. It is important to understand these ways and to express them to others. Self love is is probably the most important form of loving and an area where we have the most control. How do we gain self love which leads to trust? One method is to keep your promises. When we make a promise we make it to another, but we also make it to ourselves. If we continually break our promises, how can we love and trust ourselves? If we want less fear creating a sense of self trust can mitigate the fear. For some, trust in God is crucial to a state of reduced fear. If we remember that God created us in his image it must be good. Trust in your goodness and God's love for you and remember to love yourself.

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