How can I achieve true tolerance?

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
Merely tolerating another person is a distortion of true tolerance.True tolerance comes about when you no longer have to defend yourown point of view. You can honor someone else's while yet notadopting it. To reach such a position means you have discardedjudgment, which insists that one viewpoint must be right andanother wrong.

You must also discard attachment, which says that my opinion mustbe valued first and foremost. With these two steps, the basis fordefending your point of view disappears. At the soul level you havealready taken both steps, because your true self has experiencedevery point of view. It sees them as equal products of the isolated"I," and therefore subject to constant change. There is no reasonto defend the shifting sands of ego and personality as if it wassolid ground.

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