Are my mind and ego allies on my spiritual journey?

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
People are surprised to encounter a great deal of chaos when they go inside. Not only is the mind restless and wayward, the egooffers its own agenda. Having touched on the ego's needs to assertits demands, one shouldn't have the impression that it is an enemy.The ego has its proper place. The same holds true for the mind with its confusing stream of jumbled ideas, beliefs, desires, fantasies,and emotions. Its chaos poses problems when you try to see yoursoul clearly, yet the mind has an enormous capacity to perceive reality in new ways.

In their proper place, mind and ego are to be cherished as allies.Remind yourself of this in the long campaign to bring balance back to your inner world. Ego and mind will seem to fight against you, but in truth they harbor their own spiritual goals, not to ruleover the soul but to be absorbed in its domain of light. One of thebest ways to allow your ego to be absorbed in spirit is to witnessit silently. You do this by just observing your own reaction to situations, circumstances, people, and events. In the mere witnessing of these, you will begin to see a transformation, and a balancing of body, mind, and spirit.
James Smith
James Smith on behalf of MDLIVE
Our ego can be our ally or our enemy.  When we first constructed our ego, we were doing so to protect ourselves from the sting of the message that entered us that brought the notions "we are not worthy" and "we are not responsible."

At some point, it as if our ego tries to take over the day-to-day operation of our lives, like computerized machines that try to take over the world in some sci-fi movies.  In many cases, the ego does take over our inner world.

But the ego is meant to serve our authentic self instead of our authentic self serving the ego.

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