How do I access awareness deeper than thought?

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
Meditation is the practice of going inward to access awareness thatis deeper than thought. Meditation isn't just a time for peace andquiet, although both are needed. You are returning to your source.Make it your habit to find time alone, preferably once in themorning and once in the evening, in which you can close your eyesand go inside.

There are many forms of meditation. A simple but effective one ismeditation on the heart. Sit quietly for a moment, placing yourattention on your heart, at the center of your chest under thebreastbone. When you are settled, repeat the word "peace" silently,and see its influence radiating out from your body in alldirections. Do this three times, and then say the word "happiness"the same way. Repeat three times, then go on to "harmony,""laughter," and "love." For longer meditations, you can use thesewords for as long as you like. Start with five minutes a sessionand work up to half an hour. Sit quietly for a few minutes aftereach session with eyes closed and simply appreciate the simplicityof quiet awareness.

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