How does psychotherapy treat personality disorders?


Psychotherapy treats personality disorders through the process of talking about the disorder with a trained mental health professional. This process is not a short-term treatment and may take months to several years. There are four types of psychotherapy used in treatment. These include:

  • cognitive behavioral therapy. This helps a person identify unhealthy beliefs and actions and teaches how to replace them with healthy beliefs and actions.
  • psychodynamic psychotherapy. The aim of this treatment is to make the person aware of unconscious thoughts and behaviors, gaining insight about those unconscious acts, and resolving conflicts to improve quality of life.
  • psychoeducation. This involves the person with the disorder, family, and friends learning about the illness, including treatment, strategies for coping, and problem-solving.
  • dialectical behavior therapy. This method teaches skills for tolerating stress, controlling emotions, and improving relationships.

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