How do personality disorders affect the body?


Personality disorders are a group of mental illnesses that affect the mind rather than the body. When someone has a personality disorder, the way they think, respond to situations, and interact with others is often impaired. The impairment can reach a point that someone with this disorder finds it hard to have relationships, work, go to school, or carry out the normal functions of life. They may be unable to deal with the common stresses that occur in everyday life.

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Personality Disorders

Personality disorders involve patterns of thought, behaviors, and perceptions about the world that can make everyday life difficult. If you have a personality disorder, your relationships are volatile, holding a job is difficult. ...

Everyone else is wrongand you're right; you are rigid and inflexible in your thinking. There are many types of personality disordersand they are believed to develop from early childhood events. Counseling and medications can help.

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