What should I do if my trainer talks the whole time?

Getting in the best shape is your top priority right? Your trainer is there to push you to the next level correct? You are not spending your hard earned money not to get this, so his feelings are important but not a priority. Lets focus on your goals. Put the pressure on, before the workout say your highly energized and can he pump your workouts to the next level. When he starts to talk cut him off and ask him questions that pertain to the workout. Am I supposed to be feeling this here...? How can I make this a little more difficult? Can we do a stretch after this? I am feeling tight. Every second counts. They are there for you, not vice/versa.

A true fitness professional is just that… professional. As a paying client, you hired his or hers training services to achieve a specific objective. If you feel they are not doing their part to help you be successful, being silent about it will not change a thing. Here are three ideas you can do to help your trainer remember why you hired them. First, only ask questions regarding your health or the training session that is taking place. Second, if they continue to ignore your needs, tell them exactly how you feel and that you wish for the training session to be more focused and about you. That is what you deserve as a client who pays their salary. Last, if there is still a problem, it is time to shop around for a new trainer who understands that their role as a fitness professional is to put the clients’ needs first.

This might not be the trainer for you. Don't be afraid to find another trainer. For many people personal trainers are also a form of motivation to exercise. If you are starting with low(ish) motivation you certainly don't need someone who is going to lower that. Find someone who is going to raise your motivation and support you.

My suggestion would be to interview personal trainers before you hire one. Try making a list of questions of things you need and want from a personal trainer. Try interviewing 2-3 so that you can compare and contrast and have something to choose from. After interviewing a few people figure out what is going to work best for you. You should be able to get a feel for someone's personality (whether or not they talk too much). You are paying for the personal trainer to support you in ways that are appropriate for you. 
Susan Moran
Remember you are the "paying" client...i recommend telling the trainer exactly  how you feel. If they are willing to grow as an individual and as a trainer, they should be able to "hear" you. You can be honest and compassionate with your delivery. If you like the work that you do together, I would make the effort. Nobody is perfect and the  only way one can learn is through  situations such as this .Otherwise if you are not comfortable confronting this issue, find another trainer.
Good Luck!
Well the first question I would ask you is what is your trainer talking about?  Does it relate to what you are currently doing as far as exercising goes or does it have nothing to do with working out?  If it has nothing to do with you and exercising you either need to talk straight with your trainer or go to there manager.  You are spending a lot of money on this trainer and need to make it worth every cent you are spending.  If not nothing will get resolved.

If you have a trainer who talks more than is to your liking, the best thing to do is kindly ask him or her to focus on the session. They have to remember that you are paying them for their services and knowledge, and not necessarily for their conversational fortitude. The best thing to do is to always be honest and up front in communicating your expectations from your trainer. Don’t allow your frustration to build and eventually lead to a falling out. If communicating directly doesn’t work, speak to a supervisor and air your concerns there.

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