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Top 10 Social HealthMakers: Healthy Moms

1 / 11 Meet Our Top 10

By: Deborah Wilburn
Mom blogs abound with puppy videos, crafts for kids and opinions without expertise. So where are the gems of information, insights and inspiration worth a bookmark and a weekly -- if not daily -- visit? Here, from Sharecare’s editors and experts, you’ll find blogs written by and for moms of all types -- midlife moms who want to stay fit; a mother who specializes in raising children with special needs; first-time moms over 40; a mom determined to feed her family unprocessed food at every meal; a mom who shares, with humor, the trials, tribulations and joy of motherhood, and much more. Click through and you’re bound to find a “mom-to-mom” blog that’s right for you. 
Laura Kasperzak and Masumi Goldman

2 / 11 Laura Kasperzak and Masumi Goldman

Old high school pals Laura Kasperzak and Masumi Goldman -- now both certified yoga instructors -- teamed up to create Two Fit Moms, a site dedicated to sharing tips for healthy living and the integral part yoga can play. Goldman, diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, uses her yoga practice to help manage her symptoms. And Kasperzak’s photos of various yoga poses on her hugely popular Instagram account -- sometimes including her husband and kids -- make a convincing case that anyone can enjoy the benefits of yoga.
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Glennon Doyle Melton

3 / 11 Glennon Doyle Melton

It’s not by chance that Momastery sounds like monastery. Glennon Doyle Melton, a mother of three and self-proclaimed “Recovering Everything,” creates a safe, nonjudgmental community where her followers can share and connect, mom-to-mom. Always inspiring, she shares her own stories about her recovery from addiction, her faith and daily life. It’s impossible to read her riveting blog and not be moved. 

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Deborah Gilboa, MD

4 / 11 Deborah Gilboa, MD

Family physician and parenting expert Deborah Gilboa, MD, the founder of AskDoctorG, knows that raising kids to be resilient, responsible, respectful adults is easier said than done. Recognizing that childrearing can at times be baffling, she delivers sound advice, practical strategies and reassurance to parents searching for answers on topics ranging from helping your little one get to sleep to teaching college kids to do laundry.

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Ellen Seidman

5 / 11 Ellen Seidman

What if, after a completely normal pregnancy, your newborn suffered a stroke only hours after birth, leaving him cognitively impaired? On her blog, Love That Max, mother of two Ellen Seidman describes with seering honesty her journey from acceptance to a fierce love and determination to help her son Max reach his full potential. Along the way, she offers smart tips for other parents of “kids with special needs who kick butt.”

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Cyma Shapiro

6 / 11 Cyma Shapiro

On Mothering in the Middle mom and stepmom Cyma Shapiro provides a voice, face and forum for mid-life moms and dads who’ve chosen parenthood through natural childbirth, adoption, in vitro, surrogacy, fostering, guardianship or blending families. Followers will find themselves nodding their heads in recognition as they read about the shared experiences of other 40+ mothers -- and fathers, too.

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Kristen Howerton

7 / 11 Kristen Howerton

Marriage and family therapist Kristen Howerton, a mom of four kids by birth and adoption, is a tell-it-like-it-is mom with hilarious musings and sleep-deprived rants from the parenting trenches. In Rage Against the Minivan she lets her hair down -- but never her kids. The next time your adorable offspring start working your last nerve, take a mini break to check out Howerton’s latest post -- you’re guaranteed to feel better in minutes.

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Sheila Marcelo

8 / 11 Sheila Marcelo

Do you have a child or other relative who requires care when you’re working or unavailable? If so, you’d be smart to bookmark Founder Sheila Marcelo saw the struggles families face and took action. Her blog – which also provides quick, practical parenting advice -- is an instant source for locating child care, senior care -- even pet care. Whether you’re searching for summer camps for kids  or  home aides for an elderly parent, you’ll find helpful resources right here.

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Kimberley Blaine

9 / 11 Kimberley Blaine

Social media guru, mom of two and licensed family and child therapist Kimberley Blaine takes digital to a whole new level, dispensing smart tips via The Go-To Mom web series and blog. Her dual mission: Provide expert parenting advice on everything from bedwetting to dealing with bossy kids -- and tips that will help keep Mom sane, too.

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Kim Miller and Shannon Dougherty

10 / 11 Kim Miller and Shannon Dougherty

These two powerhouse moms provide the tools and motivation essential to weight loss on their joint blog and website, Fit Mom Diet. Since joining forces (and after losing 50 post-baby pounds each), Shannon Dougherty and Kim Miller have created a one-stop destination including healthy recipes, fitness routines and plenty of “momspiration” for weight-loss success.

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Lisa Leake

11 / 11 Lisa Leake

We all want to feed our families healthy, nutritious meals. But the challenge -- especially in a world teeming with processed foods -- is how to do it. Fortunately Lisa Leake, a mother of two, makes the quest easier with her blog, 100 Days of Real Food. For those willing to follow her “ground rules” -- starting with the 10-Day Pledge -- healthier eating is just one meal away.

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