Osteoporosis Symptoms

Should I talk to my doctor about my osteoporosis symptoms?

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  • Symptoms for osteoporosis rarely present themselves until a bone is fractured or broken. Osteoporosis is diagnosed with a bone density test. You may want to ask your doctor about a bone density test if you have several of the risk factors for osteoporosis. Age is an important risk factor: if you are female and over 65 years old or male and over 70 years old a bone density test may be in order. Other indications for a bone density test include if you are over 50 years old and had a broken bone or if you are female and have passed menopause. Finally, if you have taken medications that might increase your risk for osteoporosis you should ask about a bone density test. Such medications could include hormone treatments, anti-seizure drugs, prednisone, and others.

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