Why do people with obesity incur higher medical costs after heart surgery?

The Society of Thoracic Surgeons
Administration Specialist

People with obesity incur higher medical costs after heart surgery because obese people tend to require additional intensive care unit (ICU) services and longer recovery times when compared to non-obese people who have heart surgery. This results in more expensive, more labor-intensive care. The ICU provides a number of highly specialized services requiring expensive resources including staff, medical equipment and medication.

People with obesity incur higher medical costs after heart surgery because heart surgery can be increasingly more difficult with the increased fat that accumulates around the heart, chest and body. Higher doses of medications, amount of blood required to transfuse, and difficulty with anesthesia and airway management can also contribute to higher costs. Obesity alone is associated with its own medical complications, and is an independent risk factor for a number of other diseases. This can also complicate the post-operative healing process.

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