How effective is surgery for neck pain?

Ryan Church, DNP
Neck pain can be caused by a number of things, so specific advice regarding the value of surgery for neck pain is not possible. However, if you’ve done all the appropriate preliminary things that are designed to improve your quality of life, decrease your pain and help you avoid surgery, and you're still experiencing pain -- then surgery may be an option.

Neck surgery is one of the more successful orthopedic surgeries today. The recovery is a couple of months, depending on the type of procedure. Overall, neck surgery is usually very well tolerated and people do extremely well in most cases.

That being said, it can make your neck pain worse. Any time we cut the skin or do anything invasive, there's always a risk for trouble, including infection, difficultly with speaking, swelling and increased pain. There are a small percentage of people who say that their neck pain or arm pain is worse after neck surgery.

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