How can herbal medicine treat sinusitis?

Alan Gaby
Nutrition & Dietetics

According to some older research, bromelain (an extract from pineapple stem) is of value in the treatment of sinusitis. Bromelain may work by improving drainage and enhancing access of antibacterial agents (such as antibodies, other components of the immune system, and antibiotics) to the site of the infection. The use of bromelain in the treatment of sinusitis is discussed further in my textbook, Nutritional Medicine (

Daniel R. Spogen, MD
Family Medicine
Sinus infections are known to pretty much take care of themselves.  The key to improvement is to encourage good sinus drainage.  If the sinuses drain, antibiotics will not be needed.  In fact, the CDC now recommends against the treatment of acute sinusitis with antibiotics.  Herbal medicines like wasabi or eucalyptis improve sinus drainage and can hasten the resolution of sinusitis.

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