Can repetitive stress injuries be prevented?

Repetitive stress injuries can be prevented by cross training. Repetitive motion or repetitive activity over time can lead to stress fractures, tendonitis and other more serious overuse injuries. There are ways to incorporate other activities and exercise the body without doing the same things over and over again. For example:

  • Use Pilates and yoga to give the body a rest, but, at the same time, give it an active recovery.
  • Get in the pool.
  • Use the bike instead of running all the time.

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To help prevent repetitive stress injuries related to computers or gaming, ensure that your chair and keyboard are at the appropriate level and that you sit properly. To help prevent repetitive stress injuries related to sports, ensure that you stretch before and after exercising and that your shoes and sporting equipment are sized to fit you properly. Try to vary your exercise routine as opposed to repeating the same routine daily. Take frequent breaks from any repetitive activity, particularly for the types of jobs that may put stress on a particular body part, like scanning groceries. Ensuring that you maintain proper nutrition so that your bones and muscles can continue to be strong and resistant to repetitive stress injuries is also essential.

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