What types of transient attacks are common for someone with MS?

Louis Rosner

Tonic Seizures

There is a rare phenomenon in multiple sclerosis (MS) called the tonic seizure, which is a brief attack, lasting just seconds, in which one side of the body stiffens into a twisted position when the individual gets up to walk. The arm draws up and the leg straightens out. This lasts a few seconds, then the limbs relax and the person can walk. These are not epileptic seizures, however, and the patient remains alert. Tonic seizures are rare, occurring in only 5 out of 800 patients seen by this author.

Paroxysmal Symptoms

When a symptom occurs in brief episodes of a few minutes at a time, it is called a paroxysm. Most common are double vision, slurred speech, incoordination, and tonic seizures. Akinesia, the inability to move one or more limbs, is another multiple sclerosis (MS) paroxysm, although it is more typically a symptom of Parkinson's disease. Paroxysmal symptoms, sometimes lasting only twenty seconds, usually remit and relapse just as in other MS attacks. Symptoms appear suddenly and continue with a degree of intensity, then remit completely after a few days or weeks.
Multiple Sclerosis

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