Managing Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis

RRMS: Understanding the Most Common Form of MS Learn about the relapses and remissions that characterize the most common disease course for MS.
5 Ways to Reduce Relapse With RRMS
Sharing Your MS Diagnosis Sharing Your MS Diagnosis

What to consider when sharing an MS diagnosis with friends, loved ones, children, and employers.

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Pain From Multiple Sclerosis? Here's How to Get Relief

More than half of people with MS report significant pain.

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Getting Your MS Under Control
Get a Good Night’s Sleep With Multiple Sclerosis

Find relief from common MS symptoms—and finally rest easy.

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The Role of Lesions in MS
Going Back to School May Help People With MS Going Back to School May Help People With MS

Education and smart hobbies bolster the brain and preserve thinking ability

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What Are the Different Forms of Multiple Sclerosis?
What Can I Expect If I Have Just Been Diagnosed With MS?