What foods are good sources of calcium if I'm on a slow-carbohydrate diet?

Tim Ferriss
The recommended amount of calcium for an average, healthy 25-year-old male is 1,000 mg per day. If you prefer to get your electrolytes through whole foods, here are good slow-carb options, in descending order of concentration:
  • Salmon with bones, 1.1 cups (1 cup = 919 mg)
  • Sardines with bones, 1.8 cups (1 cup = 569 mg)
  • Mackerel, canned, 2.2 cups (1 cup = 458 mg)
  • Tofu, firm, 3.6 cups (1 cup = 280 mg)
  • Collards, cooked, 3.8 cups (1 cup = 266 mg)
  • Spinach, cooked, 4.1 cups (1 cup = 245 mg)
  • Black- eyed peas, cooked, 4.7 cups (1 cup = 211 mg)
  • Turnip greens, cooked, 5.1 cups (1 cup = 197 mg)
  • Tempeh, 5.4 cups (1 cup = 184 mg)
  • Agar, dried, 5.7 cups (1 oz = 175 mg)
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