Is Pilates or yoga better?

Kristin M. McGee
Yoga Expert
I think they are both incredible and very complimentary to each other. Pilates focuses on core strength which helps in standing and balancing yoga postures. Yoga increases flexibility and helps with certain Pilates moves. Both are mind/body modalities and help connect us to ourselves and our bodies mentally, physically and spiritually. 
Pilates is a form of calisthenics designed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s that focuses heavily upon training the core musculature to maintain health and fitness. Yoga is a combination of physical, religious and meditative practices that developed over centuries in India. The physical portion can focus on simple stretches and breathing, to advanced balance and total body strength movements depending upon the discipline you choose to follow. Both are very similar and both have been shown to improve health and fitness in studies. If you’re considering both, try several classes of each and see which best suit your goals, interests and needs. 
Tina Whitlock
They are both great for your core strength and flexibility, but if you can't decide which of the two you like better check with your local YMCA and see if they offer PiYo.  PiYo is a fusion of mat Pilates and traditional yoga. It is perfect if you love both or for those of you who are limited on time.
They are both great. I am a big believer in variety for your body as well as your mind. Try both-there are some great DVDs and some great private studios. Try mat Pilate's as well as with the machine. Yoga there are hundreds of different kinds-find what you like the best for you. Some people love Bikram-HOT and some don't. Don't be afraid to try them all. All teachers usually love what they do and are really excited to teach a new student.
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Sadie Nardini
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
I think it's all a matter of what you're looking for your exercise to do for you. I'm all for people working out enough, and I have nothing against Pilates. But yoga does offer far more than just a physical workout. We teachers give you (hopefully practical) lessons on living from center alongside the movement. Yoga is a path to personal transformation on all levels: body, mind and heart. We practice in part to look and feel great, but at the foundation, we're listening inside, gaining wisdom, and learning how to apply our mindfulness tools in the outside world. Yoga doesn't end when class does; we're committed to holistic fitness: eating consciously, relating compassionately, and expressing ourselves with grace. So yoga, though there are so many types to try, always comes down to the practitioner walking the path of health, balance and vitality in every moment. Otherwise, it's just another workout class.

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