Are there any all natural supplements to speed metabolism and weight loss?

Caroline M. Apovian, MD
Endocrinology Diabetes & Metabolism

There are plenty of natural supplements that promise to help you lose weight -- but are they safe and effective? In this video, nutrition and weight management specialist Dr. Caroline  Apovian talks about what researchers know so far.

Samantha Heller, RD
Nutrition & Dietetics

Want to rev up your body's weight-loss potential? In this video, registered dietician and Dr. Oz Show guest Samantha Heller shares the simple things you can do to speed up your metabolism.

Roberta Lee, MD
Internal Medicine
Watch as Integrative Medicine Specialist Dr. Roberta Lee suggests some natural supplements to speed metabolism and help weight loss.

Ellen Whitehurst
Health Education
One of Mother Nature’s best, most efficient diet foods is fresh bee pollen.  Studies have shown that taking bee pollen daily can help to correct metabolic imbalances as well as speeding up metabolic processes and the burning of calories.  The lecithin in the bee pollen also is believed to break up and burn fatty deposits in the body as well.  Start with a quarter teaspoon of bee pollen granules first thing in the morning each day and, if there is no adverse or allergic reaction, then work up to one heaping teaspoon daily

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