What are the health benefits of having a positive attitude?

Positive moods and a good attitude help your body's vital systems stay in balance. Staying upbeat can make you look and feel 5.2 years younger.

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What are some benefits of optimism?
Dr. Kathleen HallDr. Kathleen Hall
Here are some reasons to be optimistic: First, you will have a richer life and have more fun.Second,...
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How can I be more positive?
Robert DeVitoRobert DeVito
Positivity is a habit.In each and every situation that you encounter, you must do your best to take ...
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How can I teach myself to think more positively?
Dawn MarcusDawn Marcus
You can teach yourself to think more positively if you make a point of giving positive messages ...
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What happens when energy healing is applied to the aura?
Master Stephen CoMaster Stephen Co
Healing occurs in the energy body before it becomes apparent in the physical body. This is a corolla...
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