What should I avoid if I have Meniere's disease?


You may need to control your stress and salt intake, and cut out tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, and MSG, all of which can aggravate the inner ear problems of Meniere's disease. If you're suffering from one of the bouts of vertigo or dizziness typical of this disease, steer clear of quick motions, bright light, reading, and other things that can make you feel worse.

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Meniere's Disease

Meniere's disease is a disorder of the inner ear that causes severe spells of vertigo, making you feel like you're spinning. You can also have hearing loss, ringing (tinnitus, pronounced either TINN-itus or tinn-UH-tus)) or a feel...

ing of fullness in your ear. (It usually affects just one ear). Doctors don't fully understand Meniere's Disease but suspect that its caused by a combination of how fluid drains (or does not drain) from your ear, allergies, viruses and genes. There is no known cure for Meniere's Disease, but vertigo is treatable.

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