How do I stay in touch with my source outside of meditation?

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
Meditation brings your mind into closer contact with its source, but decisions and choices need to be made outside meditation. In order to remain in touch with your source, you must stay attuned. If you are aware, your soul can contact you anytime, not just while you are sitting with your eyes closed.

When someone says, "I ask my heart what is the right thing to do"or "I act on instinct" or "I know intuitively what is right for me," they are voicing their attunement. You need to find your own kind of focus. The process is personal. It's helpful, however, to know which signals to pay less heed to. Any impulse to defend yourself is not coming from your true self. Negative emotions that cloud the mind are not coming from the soul, nor is any response that is calculating what "I, me, mine" are going to gain. The soul's awareness is clear and pure; its rightness is detached, almost impersonal. Your soul isn't asking you to be cheerful, upbeat, and optimistic all the time. It is asking you to be as real as possible from the spiritual level, the basis of all reality.

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