How do I acquire objectivity through meditation?

Master Stephen Co
Alternative & Complementary Medicine

Regular meditation gives you perspective on yourself, your habits, and your behaviors. You come to see yourself from the outside; you acquire objectivity and conscious- unconscious dissociation. This detachment from your thoughts, impressions, and emotions diminishes their power over you and increases your power over them. You starve them of attention and energy and gain a firm sense of control over your unconscious mind.

Zen Buddhism views the mind as a turbulent pool of water. If you swish your hand in a pool, for example, you stir up the mud at the bottom and make it more difficult to see. But if you sit quietly and observe, the mud will settle; you can see clearly. Similarly, if you act aggressively and try to use your willpower to change unwanted thoughts, reactions, and behaviors or suppress negative emotions and thoughts, all you do is “muddy the pool” of your mind. You can’t change an unconscious thought or clear a negative emotion with a conscious, forceful effort. Your unconscious mind will fight you, clamp down further on those negative emotions, or bury limiting beliefs even deeper in your body. Optimal insight and change are best achieved through calm objectivity.

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