How much exercise is good for someone who has an eating disorder?

How much exercise is really dependent on the severity of the eating disorder. Controlled exercise (monitored by a health care professional) is good for someone who has an intermediate to extreme eating disorder. Someone with minimal disordered eating issues could gain self-esteem and self-confidence from exercise in an uncontrolled environment. One of the biggest components of an eating disorder are addictive, unhealthy behaviors and if left alone to decide how much exercise is enough, someone with an eating disorder will choose too much. In disordered eating the challenge for that person involved is not in the food and not in the addiction, but in the sense of control which can surface around food, sport and exercise. In a controlled setting it is important for professionals to focus on and understand how to promote proper nutritional practices, focus on fitness not body weight, be sensitive to weight issues and promote healthy management of weight.

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